Hire Me!

My 20+ years in design, writing, and training has cultivated numerous transferable skills such as kenjutsu, bojutsu, invisibility…wait…I’m sorry, those are my ninja skills. My overall soft skills are written and oral communication, big creative thinking, brainstorming plausable ideas quickly, creative problem solving, and time management to name a few.

I’m a writer by blood and a training specialist by heart. I’ve been lucky enough to marry the two by writing and editing training agendas and curriculums as well as client-facing documents.

If you speak to my colleagues they will say I am a charismatic, diligent worker with a great sense of humor and boundless energy…at least they should because the checks cleared. I have a natural curiosity that drives me to ask questions, see the big picture, and learn incredibly fast. I enjoy communicating with diverse groups at all levels of professional experience and thrive in creative environments.

My educational background is dense with writing experience. I have a B.A. in English Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing and have been published in numerous periodicals. I am also a member of The Naperville Writer’s Group in, you guessed it, Chicago. Just kidding. They’re in Naperville.

Training Specialist Resume