Untitled by James Robinson

This place is a gathering
An acceptance of self
Some come here poor
Some leave with wealth
You might have a purpose
You might have a plan
But if you have nothing
Please rest on the land

This haven is here
but only for souls
with insight and truth,
as their common goal
We all are respected
We all have a voice
All people are given an active choice

Justice it guides,
and it rules us supreme
Although we are many,
we rule as one being
This is the place where the truth, it lives
and the truth is all around
While we were praying for a house
it’s a home that we have found

We are shapes forced to fit in society’s square
We’re too smart to play games not meant to be fair
We’re too wise to give up the unending race
So we give up our heart in exchange for our face

We’ve found home in the shadows, the sharp corners of light
Just outside yellow, when the sun is in flight
When the earth is awash in a heavenly bright
When the normals, they smile, they feud and they fight
And for those that are shiny, we repaint the light

In our glowing moment, our glitter of edge,
we are always haunted by the lingering ledge
The genius within us;
the fool lives there too
A balancing act fought between the two

This is where the truth, it lies
This is where the fear, it dies
You are welcome here
if you’re guided in love
You are welcome here
if you rise above

The rest bask in their sunshine,
their cowering fright
While we wait for sundown to rule over the night

At some point in our lives, we all look for someplace to belong. A place that accepts us for who we are, flaws and all. We seek our tribe.

I’ve found such people. Wonderful, smart, funny, quirky, gorgeous people who will occasionally forget what they were talking about or manage to squeeze in 50 topics in a dozen posts. Topics that cover art, religion, music, literature, sex, society, psychology, etc. etc.

We also care. Often times too much and too deeply. Our emotions are always hovering just below the surface, breaching at the slightest stirring, and threaten to drown us.

We are not broken, just bent into interesting shapes that create the intriguing, the funny, the passion, the empathy in this sometimes too cold world. My friend James wrote this piece that heralds the truth of our hearts and celebrates our gifts that are too often seen impediments.

Thank you, James.

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