empty hands reaching


I dreamt I held your hand
And a surge of warmth
Settled in my bones.

It felt like hearth and heart.
I took pleasure in it. Safe
In your presence.

I squeezed your hand
To gently express
I am for you…with you.

Only to awaken with a jolt,
holding empty air
in my clenched fist.

1 thought on “Empty”

  1. Shani–this caught my breath. I keep rereading. It’s so dreamlike and safe and then stark as hell. Its painful. Well, well done, Shani
    –we must be living on the same page in a way (though this is me assuming the narrator is you, but how would I know), because it felt like a dream i had that I wrote about (that Red Tides poem) –this comfort of someone, i felt like i was home, like He had found me, this ancient man in the water, and I felt amazing. All water and current and aqua and him guiding me. And then i woke up. I never forgot it. This poem teared me up. It was the exact same feeling.


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