The Call Angi received the call early, at 5 am, unexpected as most early morning calls are. "Is this…Miss Angi? Mrs. Angela Grant?" At first, panic set in and her first thought was Something's wrong with the kids. "You were at Tompkins Memorial hospital about 30 years ago?" The panic subsided to intense curiosity. "Who… Continue reading Homegoing

Cornflake Girl

Content Warning: This piece of fiction depicts evidence of self harm and severe depression. The November wind sliced through my jacket as I ran up the steps to your front door. I found you curled on the kitchen floor, emotionally broken and surrounded by the instruments of your destruction. I stepped carefully over them and… Continue reading Cornflake Girl

Radio Silence

Radio Silence

"Shhhh..." Karl readjusts the duct tape on the man's mouth then nods in satisfaction. "This will all be over soon. We just have to wait." He didn't want to get too comfortable so he passed up the recliner and sat down on the dining room chair. The man, Brandon, head writer of Star Watch, had… Continue reading Radio Silence